Infinity Cosmos Validator: Officially Rebranding to carbonZERO🌲

Becoming an eco-friendly Cosmos Validator focused on helping the environment.

As many of you know, the Infinity Cosmos Validator team has been operating validator nodes in the ecosystem since early January — just 4 months now.

Originally, we started out by giving away lots of tokens earned from our node commission earnings, through various Twitter giveaways and a rebate program that we ran for delegators for a while.

While we’ve grown pretty rapidly thanks to our amazing community, we didn’t want to simply be known as a “giveaway validator” — while everyone of course loves free $, we thought that we could do better than just throwing money at people for their support.

So, we launched an internal discussion, and spent the past ~1 month discussing and planning our rebrand.

We’d like to introduce our new team name (as you may have already noticed appearing on our validator node names) — carbonZERO🌲.

carbonZERO🌲— Our Mission

Since day one, we’ve run our entire operation on carbon-neutral bare metal nodes. So to a degree, we’ve already somewhat “been” what we consider to be an EcoValidator.

However, we thought that instead of running various giveaways (which we may still do from time to time, of course), we could do something that could have far more impact on our community, and in fact, for the Earth and all of mankind.

A few weeks ago, as we began our “transitional” phase for our rebrand, we began donating 8% of all profits we were earning to an organization called

Moving forward, we will be increasing our donations to 10%, as well as exploring other eco-friendly causes to contribute our donations to — we are really excited about Regen’s upcoming NCT tokens!

So far, thanks to our loyal community, we’ve been able to plant a total of 2,534 trees & offset a total of 3.48 tonnes of co2 — which may not seem like a ton, but it’s an awesome start, we feel.

Your delegations help us fight climate change & make a real difference!

We will continue our efforts to fight climate change and make a positive impact on our earth through our validation efforts, which is why we ask that you consider delegating to carbonZERO nodes on any networks we operate validator nodes for.

Currently, we validate the following chains:

  • Comdex ($CMDX)
  • Chihuahua ($HUAHUA)
  • Cerberus ($CRBRUS)
  • Nomic ($NOM)
  • Sifchain ($ROWAN) — newly added just a few days ago

We also are actively working to potentially validate these chains:

  • Evmos
  • Regen
  • Cheqd
  • Akash

Our team is working hard to make the necessary connections & build relationships with teams we both actively validate for, as well as ones we are interested in validating.

If there are other chains you’d like to see us validate, please express your interest on our Twitter or drop a comment here on Medium — we love hearing from our community!

What’s Next for carbonZERO🌲

We are working hard to grow & expand our operations so that we can make a bigger impact in our efforts to fight climate change.

Some things we are currently working on include:

  • Launching a REStake fork
  • Building our website
  • Creating new partnerships with other teams & chains
  • Launching a community Discord server to offer quick & easy support to our delegators

We will be making donations each month to our chosen eco-cause (currently Ecologi) — once we have more causes added to our list, we will begin splitting our contributions between them.

Also, we’d like to offer a huge shoutout to Coin-Logic, our marketing partner — they’ve been instrumental in helping us grow & spread the word about our validator nodes, as well as our mission — to make the world a greener place

Check out this great video recently posted by the Coin-Logic team about the launch of our new Sifchain validator:

Coin-Logic showing some love for our new carbonZERO🌲 Sifchain validator

Again, we want to thank our community for all of the support that we’ve received so far — without you guys, we would not be where we are today, and would not be able to make the eco-contributions that we are making.

We appreciate you all — and we hope you continue to delegate with us (as well as share us with your friends and followers) so that we can continue to do good for our world!

Thank you fam,

— The carbonZERO team

Follow us on Twitter & Medium. Also, visit our for always up-to-date links to articles, nodes, & more Alpha.

Delegate to carbonZERO Validator Nodes:




♻️ EcoValidator for Cosmos ecosystem chains. A team dedicated to our community & the Earth. Donating 10% of ALL node profits earned to climate-friendly causes.

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carbonZERO🌲| EcoValidator

carbonZERO🌲| EcoValidator

♻️ EcoValidator for Cosmos ecosystem chains. A team dedicated to our community & the Earth. Donating 10% of ALL node profits earned to climate-friendly causes.

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